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I'm Cristina Maria Cohen-Chang but, you can call me Tina, Teeny, Panda , Tee, Cutie Pie, Tiny, CC, or TeeTee.
I am an Asian-American sweetheart. Who is a twenty year old aspiring artist that just happens to be a Junior at OSU. You could say I’m capable of baking. I’m also a proud Zeta Beta Zeta Sister

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Sand Sharks is so illogical.

I mean, a Shark needs water… Sand is definitely not water.

And, i’m going to play along with the plot for a second, but if the sand is now technically the water, how come the people don’t just fall straight through. I mean, the shark can come through but not the other way around?



Also, there is only one shark. So, the title is a COMPLETE lie. Hmpff.

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Track Name: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
Artist: Journey

Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ || Journey

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Yes ma’am.

I got a blanket with your name on it. 

Okay, i’ll leave my homework and come see you.

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miss you. :( come over to my apartment. Lemme talk to Noah Clea. 

Hmmmm. Would coming over include a peanut butter sandwich and a warmer environment? 

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 kappataugammaprez said: Lazy

This is 110% accurate. 

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Fix the thermostat. It’s cold.

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zbztcc replied to your post: With all these shirtless photos of you dudes,

You’re pretty too, Ryder.


Don’t you know how to make a guy feel special.

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Santana Marie Lopez.



um. For reasons. Also I forgot to tell you. You need to do all the grocery shopping from now on. I was wondering when you were going to realize I’ve been feeding you so much take out. 

Wait. what. What did you do?

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Santana Marie Lopez.

Why. Is. There. No. Food.

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